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Stakeholder Liaison

Delivering meaningful engagement with key influencers and decision makers

The identification, engagement and appropriate management of stakeholders is paramount to the success of any project whether it be determining the most appropriate conditioning and disposal strategy for a radioactive waste stream, the design, commissioning and operation of a radioactive waste facility or the siting of a new nuclear reactor.

What is Stakeholder Liaison?

Stakeholder Liaison typically refers to the engagement of any personnel, association, e.g. regulatory body, or member of the public who may be affected by the decisions an organisation makes or who, themselves, may exert an influence over such decisions.

Why is Stakeholder Liaison Important?

Given the international implications from the production of nuclear energy and the requirement for safe, secure and responsible management of the associated waste products and special nuclear materials, most projects in the nuclear industry require considerable engagement of both internal and external stakeholders. The continued maintenance of public and environmental safety and confidence in the nuclear industry, alongside the need to demonstrate appropriate government spending, is imperative thus rendering stakeholder engagement a key component of corporate social responsibility within the nuclear industry.

Early identification of key stakeholders, analysis of their interest and influence with a project followed by pro-active and structured engagement will improve the chances of project success and subsequently avoid wasted expenditure.

TÜV SÜD's Services

TÜV SÜD has considerable experience in stakeholder management across the UK nuclear estate and can offer the following services.

  • Stakeholder engagement & liaison
  • Stakeholder mapping, assessment of interest & influence and benefits analysis
  • Focus Group development and management
  • Organisation and facilitation of stakeholder workshops
  • Development and communication of technology roadmaps
  • Reporting of key themes, issues management, and feedback collation


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