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Employee Spotlight: Dr. Jasmine Martirossian


Jasmine Martirossian - VP of Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas
Dr. Jasmine Martirossian

Vice President of Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas

#FutureInYourHands – This motto properly describes how TÜV SÜD empowers its employees. It’s best to hear from TÜV SÜD executives and staff members what their personal experiences are working for TÜV SÜD.

Can you describe your role within the company?
I am the Vice President of Marketing for the Americas, which means I’m responsible for all aspects of marketing, from strategy to execution. In the Americas region, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil are the countries that we focus on. We are also trying to further expand our efforts in Latin America as well. We also collaborate closely with our global teams.

What is your driving mission?
My overall mission is to help TÜV SÜD achieve its goals by building a well-adjusted, high performance Marketing Team with empowered people who share a sense of vision and have the drive to carry out strategies and their implementation. The best strategy not implemented is absolutely useless. It’s important that we build a good organization that helps both our customers and employees alike because the work that we do makes a difference in the world, so the more we expand our footprint in the Americas, the more effective we can be.

What do you appreciate most as an employee at TÜV SÜD?
We have a very open, kind, and inclusive environment. New ideas are welcome and there is always drive for innovation. John Tesoro, President and CEO of TÜV SÜD Americas, has been promoting One TÜV SÜD, which breaks down silos and allows for cross-collaboration within the organization with different business units and stakeholders. One TÜV SÜD creates a very positive environment where employees can successfully accomplish things across various units and make a difference.

What are some market trends you're keeping an eye on?
There are a lot of trends, but change is what defines marketing, so staying current and even ahead of the curve with upcoming changes is very important. A few key trends I’m seeing are voice search, greater integration of AI within tools, and the ways in which we manage data and information. I believe digital marketing, SEO, and content strategy will continue to be relevant. Podcasts are huge in today’s marketplace, so we’re aiming to launch our own soon, along with our blogging functionality. Producing four to five blog posts a week is one of our goals for the upcoming year. The consistency of posting relevant content positions our organization as a thought leader, which is crucial to achieve and maintain growth in today’s marketplace.

What is your driving philosophy of life and work?
Life is short, so aim to do the right thing. It all comes down to reliability, helping others, and spreading kindness. Additionally, setting goals, driving change, and focusing on the human factor is important because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the people. Every person has the power to affect their culture and make an impact on their surrounding environment. I also believe it is important to maintain a broad view of life, so you can challenge yourself to think from alternative perspectives, in order to keep an open mind and keep evolving. Ultimately, I am my biggest competitor, and I am confident having that open mindset has allowed me to do my job to the best of my abilities. Also, being curious is a huge asset in business and life.

When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
For me, when I’m not physically at work, I’m still thinking about concepts and ideas. However, I enjoy traveling and spending as much time as I can with my family. I try to focus on self-development through various means, like reading, walking, learning new things, as well as staying fresh and current on trends.

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