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Employee Spotlight: Jason Tam


Jason Tamjason tam

Account executive, product safety at TÜV SÜD America

#FutureInYourHands – This motto properly describes how TÜV SÜD empowers its employees. It’s best to hear from TÜV SÜD executives and staff members what their personal experiences are working for TÜV SÜD.

Can you discuss your role within TÜV SÜD?
I am the Account Executive covering the Northern California and Nevada regions for TÜV SÜD’s Industrial and Energy Products Group. My role consists of generating new business and developing professional relationships with companies that have not heard of us, particularly companies within the Silicon Valley. I also manage existing customer relationships and explore opportunities to grow those connections into other service areas.

How did you choose this career path?
When I first joined this industry, I was distributing test equipment for companies that I support today. During that time of selling very high-end test equipment, I had always been curious about how that equipment was being utilized in the engineering field. Eventually, an opportunity arose for me to explore the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry, which led my career in a more interesting direction. Soon after, I joined TÜV SÜD and continued growing my career.

What do you enjoy most about your role and working at TÜV SÜD?
I really enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with the role, along with the dedication to employee empowerment, which allows us to make good business decisions based on beneficial business practices. At TÜV SÜD, I feel we can truly represent ourselves, with the backing of a large organization. I’ve also experienced a lot of support from upper management, as well as colleagues. So, I enjoy the interactions I am able to have and the connections I’ve formed with people internally, as they have helped me confidently represent our company and service offerings.

What is your driving mission in this role?
I would say my driving mission is to promote TÜV SÜD’s brand. In a crowded industry, I like to represent our company by adding value and inspiring trust. To do so, we offer services that can both meet and exceed what our clients look for. 

How have you had to adjust your responsibilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
There has definitely been a drop in face-to-face interactions. Many individuals, including myself, are working remotely right now, so we’ve had to strongly rely on technology to communicate with both colleagues and clients, whether it’s through phone calls or video conferences. I believe the change we’ve had to adapt to has certainly changed the way we do business.

Do you think the future of the industry will be impacted by current events?
Yes, I believe so. With the growth of automation, we will see an acceleration of machines and robotics deployed into sectors such as manufacturing. The industry is already seeing a shift with manufacturers expecting to increase in-house manufacturing through the means of automation, rather than outsource manufacturing to other countries. 

When not working, how do you spend your spare time?
I spend a bulk of my spare time outdoors with my two small children. I’m hoping that the curiosity from my two-year-old will lead him into a career path within the engineering space. 


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