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Pesticide Residue Testing

Testing to ensure the quality & safety of food

About pesticide residue testing

A pesticide residue testing identifies the pesticide residue levels in food products by undergoing a thorough chemical and microbiological analysis and gives food manufacturers and producers confidence of their product ingredients.

Although fresh produce is more susceptible to pesticide residue, all food is impacted and it’s important that your business understands whether harmful chemical residues are present in your food. The presence of pesticide residue in the manufacturing process can lead to the steady accumulation of harmful chemical residues entering the food chain. This subsequently leads to a high risk of health impacts on the environment, humans and animals alike.

To protect your business and minimize the risk of negative health impacts, you need to comply with the relevant guidelines and standards for minimizing levels of harmful pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides in the food chain. Lowering pesticide exposure is vital for you to comply with local and international standards, and that’s where our pesticides testing solutions can help.

we are a leading pesticide residue testing company

Our gas chromatography and liquid chromatography residues testing services are designed to mitigate risks in the manufacturing process. All of our food testing services, including our pesticides residue analysis services, are delivered through our network of highly sophisticated laboratories.

We also provide you with an accurate test report that can help save both time and money by identifying risks, enhancing productivity across the value chain and improving quality. In addition, a test report from the world’s leading independent assessment body allows you to inspire greater confidence in your brand, helping you gain faster access to the market.

our pesticide residue testing services

Our pesticide residue analysis services include:

  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Molluscicides
  • Rodenticides 

We also conduct:


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