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Medical Device Testing

Elevate your medical device testing to global standards

Global Leader in Medical Device Testing

Medical device testing means more to us than numbers and standards. At TÜV SÜD, we know that every device we test may be used to save a life. That is why we hold the highest regard for the medical device industry. We have tested thousands of products that have gone on to play an integral role in the medical field.

As one of the leaders in medical device testing, we offer a wide range of testing and assessments. One of our key areas of focus is our expertise in high-risk surgical robots and infusion pumps. The caliber of knowledge we hold on these topics ensures the trust our clients are looking for in a testing partner.

TÜV SÜD’s global team of over 750 healthcare and medical device testing experts, engineers and medical doctors are well positioned to help your testing run smoothly, stay informed about the new regulatory requirements, and best prepare your device to reach market quickly.



One-Stop Shop for Medical Device Testing

One-Stop Shop for Medical Device Testing

Minimize product risks with medical device testing

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EMC Test Plan for Medical Devices 101 Webinar

EMC Test Plan for Medical Devices 101

Learn about the purpose of an EMC test plan and why the IEC 60601-1-2 4th ed requires one

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Medical device product testing
White paper

Integrating Medical Device Testing with R&D

Discover the benefits of product testing early in the medical device product development process

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The Fundamentals of Biological Testing Measures for Medical Devices

Biological Testing Measures for Medical Devices

Learn about the importance of biological testing and the required testing for medical devices

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