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Innovation Nation Podcast

Embrace innovation

this podcast speaks with top executives and industry experts, harnessing their expertise and sharing their insights to empower our listeners to grow.

You’ll hear stories of grit, determination, experimentation, and core creative solutions to help embrace innovation. This podcast will help you innovate in practice. We’ll focus on industry trends and how certain companies stay ahead of the curve by driving their own innovation and building a safer and more sustainable future.

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Episode 17: Essential Elements for Company-Wide Innovation w/ Dr. Marion Damm

Innovation is about continuous learning, having the curiosity to make the next step, to analyze what you learned and how to improve. If you have this intrinsic motivation, then innovation is for you.

This wisdom comes straight from today’s guest on Innovation Nation, Dr. Marion Damm, Global Innovation Manager at TÜV SÜD.

What we talked about:

  • Fueling the innovation spirit at work
  • Programs & awards to encourage innovation among employees
  • Tangible and intangible elements that foster and reward innovation
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    Episode 16: Infinite Possibilities: Exploring the Mindset of an Innovative Thinker w/ Jasmine Birtles

    Our world is brimming with infinite ideas. And the truth is they’re available to everybody. All you need to do is learn to tap into them. Our guest, Jasmine Birtles, a prominent British television and radio personality, entrepreneur, and author of 30 books, joins us today to talk about the importance of being open to a world of new permutations, new approaches, and new ideas. What we talked about:

    • Thinking in terms of infinite possibilities
    • The necessity of doing the boring tasks to set a foundation for the exciting ones
    • The power of cultivating curiosity and a constant interest in our world
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    Episode 15: The 2 Most Important Goals in the World: Sustainability & Social Justice w/ Bracken Darrell

    What are the 2 most important things in the world right now?

    Saving the planet with environmental responsibility and unlocking the power of every individual with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. In this episode, I interview Bracken Darrell, CEO at Logitech, about his unwavering focus on legacy. What we talked about:

    • 3 user-centered design principles
    • The vulnerability and excitement of breaking down walls
    • The inextricable goals of social justice and sustainability
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    Episode 14: A Mountain Climber's Guide to Innovation w/ Liz Fendt

    It sounds like the start of a joke: What do corporations and Kilimanjaro have in common? Quite a lot, actually, when it comes to mental toughness, agility, and a growth mindset. In this episode, I interview Liz Fendt, Global CMO and Cofounder of Women’s Network at TUV SUD, about innovation, climbing, and advocacy. We had an amazing conversation about:

    • Undertaking preparation for mountaineering… and not making the summit
    • 2 reasons women don’t step up to opportunity
    • Developing a fixed vs. a growth mindset
    • Co-founding the Women’s Network and the importance of people
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    Episode 13: Stop Overlooking Functional Safety & Start Innovating

    In this episode, I interview three experts about how Functional Safety drives innovation: Sven Nowak, Regional Program Director and Global Head of Functional Safety; Kevin Connelly, Functional Safety Business Development; and Justin Heyl, NA Program Manager, Cybersecurity, Digital, and AI — all at TÜV SÜD. What we talked about:

    • How Functional Safety is rising in importance across industries
    • When manufacturers should incorporate Functional Safety into design
    • Functional Safety is a cross disciplinary responsibility
    • Innovating with Functional Safety
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    Episode 12: Deleting Your Toxic Thoughts with Visualization w/ Laura Eiman

    In this episode, I interview Laura Eiman, Gold Medal Olympic Weightlifter and Mental Toughness Leadership Coach, about techniques for becoming like a corporate Navy SEAL. She and I discuss:

    • Her journey from toxicity to mental toughness and elite athleticism
    • Team building techniques of Navy SEALs that work in the office, too
    • Her advice for positivity during COVID-19 The relationship between innovation, determination, and excitement
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    Episode 11: How to Promote a Fail-Fast Culture

    What’s the optimal environment for innovation? In this episode, I interview Alisa Coffey, Head of Marketing at Abaco, about how she creates a culture of change and why she loves failure. What we talked about:

    • Technology tools of the future spark innovation
    • Alisa: “We need to fail fast.”
    • The importance of collaboration and consensus in spurring creativity
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    Episode 10: Innovators Don’t Just Wake Up and Decide to Innovate

    They work towards objectives — and those become the moments when innovation happens. In this episode, I interview Ben Branham, Director of Global Quality at Abaco, about innovation en route toward objectives. What we talked about:

    • What to measure & what not to measure
    • Getting your team positive & motivated about the goal
    • Appropriate risk in prioritizing objectives
    • What makes a tool valuable
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    Episode 9: 3 Spaces for Innovation in Manufacturing

    The velocity of innovation has ramped up in the manufacturing space. Today’s guest explains why. In this episode, I interview Jeff Wurzbach, Founder and Engineer at Wurzbach Electronics, about 3 spaces for innovation in manufacturing. What we talked about:

    • Software management techniques don’t go down well with hardware
    • Distributed manufacturing has embraced innovation and creativity
    • A plug for more vertical integration
    • Innovation isn’t a step function but a continuous function
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    Episode 8: Innovators for the #NoMoreBoxes Movement

    Boxes are awfully cramped, especially when we put ourselves in them. It’s hard to do very much growth in a box. Innovators need to ask this question: How can I change the box that’s holding me back? In this episode, I interview Runa Magnusdottir, CEO & Creator at The Change Makers, about her #NoMoreBoxes movement. What we talked about:

    • Finding & trusting your flow
    • Breaking out of what you’re “supposed” to do
    • Strategies for recognizing & overcoming your box
    • What innovation looks like for a leader in the flow
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