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ISO 22301 Certification

Business Continuity Management System

Develop A BUSIness Continuity Plan with ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is an international framework and benchmark that helps businesses identify potential threats to critical business functions and design a business continuity management plan. The standard helps companies build effective backup systems and processes to safeguard against theft, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks and other extraordinary incidents. ISO 22301 specifies the requirements to plan, implement, monitor, review and improve a company’s business continuity management system, thereby minimizing the impact of disruptions.

Why ISO 22301 Certification is Important

ISO 22301 certification provides formal business continuity guidelines that will keep your organization operational during and following a disruption. It seeks to minimize the impact to critical business functions, ensuring they are still capable of being delivered or recovered promptly. ISO 22301 business continuity certification also helps you avoid loss of revenue and customers should a major problem occur.

your trusted partner for iso 22301 certification

As an internationally recognized certification body, TÜV SÜD offers auditing and certification services. TÜV SÜD’s dedicated and experienced auditors possess the accreditation and experience to perform combined auditing exercises and can support you with proficiency in your local language and knowledge of the local market. Our auditors follow a strict code of conduct that assures you and your customers of our complete independence and professionalism.

In addition, we have extensive experience assisting businesses with the ISO 22301 certification process. Your ISO 22301 certification mark will help you to ensure the business continuity of your critical functions during and following a disruption.

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