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ISO/IEC 27018 Certification & Audit

Meet regulatory requirements for PII controls via cloud computing

Enhance Cloud Security for PII with ISO/IEC 27018

With a rise in privacy data breaches and new regulations like the GDPR, any business which stores its customers’ private details on your cloud will seek assurances that you take private data protection seriously. Introduced in 2014, ISO/IEC 27108 gives a framework for assessing how well they protect personally identifiable information (PII) in public clouds.

ISO/IEC 27018 guidelines helps to protect the highly sensitive or critical PII of your organization and your customers. It also includes provisions for confidentiality agreements with CSP/CSC staff for PII processing and training. While ISO/IEC 27018 is not mandatory, it is increasingly recognized as the industry standard.

If you store any kind of PII in cloud environment, ISO/IEC 27018 compliance audits can be invaluable. An assessment helps you to identify any vulnerabilities in your architecture and resolve them fast.

Becoming certified provides several key benefits:

  • Follow best practices ISO/IEC 27018 audits help you to follow best practices around protection PII in cloud, so you can be confident that your environments are safe
  • Mitigate risk and reputational damage - Safeguard the access, storage, transmission and processing of PII data in cloud by following ISO/IEC 27018 guidelines and avoid damaging data breaches
  • Gain a competitive edge - As more organizations attain ISO/IEC 27018 certification, those which do not may struggle to win new contracts
  • Clearly define responsibilities - ISO/IEC 27018 helps to define which areas of PII you are responsible for, and which your customers must take care of. This improves clarity and avoids misunderstandings.
  • Win customer trust - A third-party certification by TÜV SÜD demonstrates your commitment to information security. Many new cloud customers will now demand evidence that you are able to protect PII in cloud and may require you to fill out extensive checklists to prove it – showing you have ISO/IEC 27018 certification could save you time and effort providing this information

TÜV SÜD is a globally recognized ISO/IEC 27018 auditor

TÜV SÜD is trusted around the world for our cloud assessment expertise. We employ leading professionals across our global network who have the proven knowledge required to provide complete cloud PII security assessments as per the ISO/IEC 27018 guidelines. As TÜV SÜD is vendor agnostic, our assessments are both impartial and independent, meaning you and your end customers can trust us for reliable assessments.

We work with both major household-name CSPs as well as a wide variety of smaller cloud service providers and can adapt our processes to your needs and requirements.


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