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Chemical Data Management System (CDMS)

Ensure that your products comply with the regulations on the safe use of chemicals

About Chemical Data Management System (CDMS)

The CDMS is a smart system with a core database that collects and analyses chemical test results. The CDMS also makes specific recommendations to improve the testing program while reducing cost.

The CDMS software is closely related to the chemical management service provided by TÜV SÜD. The CDMS allows businesses to compile and analyze data to increase the efficacy of their testing program. In addition, the CDMS software enables businesses to upload product safety and quality data, and provides an overview of the entire supply chain, from design to distribution.

The CDMS capabilities at a glance:

  • An automatic BoM-comparison algorithm to return statistically significant advice by taking the supplier’s chemical testing performance into consideration.

  • A mathematical model for uncorrelated data to compute the passing probabilities of materials and final products subject to predefined acceptance limits; a time-evolving probability calculation making use of a rolling timeframe concept to dynamically reflect the performance of suppliers.

  • The Risk Cube: The predictive capability to forecast the passing rates of raw materials or/and final products upon acceptance limit or evaluation criteria changes.

The CDMS system supports businesses with:

  • Quality system design and implementation via Plan-Do-Check-Act Testing at the upstream point of the supply chain, and chemical products / formulations screening (smart testing).

  • Consolidation of all the chemical testing results along the supply chain (BOM, BOS).

  • Assured traceability along the supply chain from raw materials to final products – a relational database.

  • Compiled up-to-date requirements of regulations on chemicals by materials, by usages, and by regions/ countries.

  • Storage of MSDS, RSL, TDS of chemicals with risk assessments, precautionary actions and phase-out plans for hazardous chemicals.

  • Formulated test plans to reduce redundant testing.

  • Formulated test plans to monitor the reduction and elimination of restricted substances

  • Compiled testing statistics to evaluate the performance of suppliers.


Chemical Data Management System (CDMS)

The Chemical Data Management System

Find out how the use of CDMS can help your business manage chemical data and testing activities along the chain of manufacturing


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